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Sakurai Doesn’t Care that You Don’t Like the Smash Clones

In the latest Famitsu column Sakurai explains why they decided to create the clones of Lucina, Dark Pit, and Doctor Mario citing the need to do so without adding man hours to the project. Everything needed to be done in stride with the rest of production.

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“This is like a free dessert after a luxurious meal that was prepared free of charge. In a restaurant with this type of service, I don’t think there’s anybody who would say, ‘Change this to a meat dish!!’”

“Yet, I’m told [to do that] about Smash Bros. But, I guess since a lot of them are children, it cannot be helped.”

Sounds like Sakurai’s been hanging around Hideki Kamiya. Godspeed, you wonderful bastard.

lol yeah, nah I don’t buy Sakurai’s bullshit trying to act like a tough guy, but back when he added tripping and told tourneyfags to fuck off now you see him licking the heels of their boots by balancing the game to much, removing tripping, adding “for glory”, and making a final destination mode of every stage.

lol Sakurai can fuck himself, actually nvm the tourneyfag tryhards already fucked him enough to where he decided to cater to all of their wishes. I may love the new Smash Bros, but I don’t praise Sakurai like a God just because he made a good/cool game. He’s not immune to criticism, ESPECIALLY when he becomes a hypocrite.

The Weekenders of Smash!

So as you can tell, I FUCKING LOVE SMASH BROS! and I love the Mii fighters they’ve added to the roster (please let Miis be a permanent roster spot Nintendo!)

So what better to do with my time than to add “The Weekenders” into the Smash! For those who don’t know, The Weekenders is the name of my group of Original Characters I created, which are a bunch of crazy and cooky designs based off of my created race the “UMBRASTELLANS”

Clicking each image gives you a bit of info about why they joined Super Smash Bros. and for those interested in adding them to your fighting roster I’ve given away the QR codes for them and some neat screenshots so you can get an idea of how cool they are.

For those interested here is a link to their profiles, filled with images and biographies for those wanting to see what they’re supposed to look like (due to Mii limitations) and know their stories.

Happy fighting all! and see you in the ring!


Commissions are open!  Prices are negotiable, more complex characters with armor or accessories will take more time and cost to produce, while simpler characters will be less.  Price includes a beauty render and a turntable similar to this in swf or .mov format.  If you require a mesh with thickness for use in a 3d printer, that can also be arranged.  Contact me via e-mail for the fastest response.

Send me information on the scope of your project and I will give you a firm price. Construction will begin upon half of the total amount being paid.

Any reblog / word of mouth will help! Thank you!


Thank you Nintendo for adding Mii fighters into this game. I hope Miis stay in future Smash games FOREVER!

love rain… relaxing….so peaceful


Dragon Ball Xenoverse is officially coming to PC/Steam!

New game details also appear in the fresh trailer straight from the Tokyo Game Show!

Stay tuned to the Dragon Ball Games Facebook page for the latest updates!


Disgaea practice!

Wanted to try the old school Disgaea sprite style. And what better practice than to use some friend’s OCs that I think would fit the universe.

From left to right:

Cudy by yours truly.

Roxanne by Koidrake

Cruxia by Cruxia

Veena by Widemouthink

Viri by Mato Spectoru

Adeline by Overlord SoS

It’s a fun style to mess around with, though I have to properly understand isometric sprites. Want me to do more? Let me know!

now THIS is some kickass pixel works! I would love to see them doing an animated walk cycle. I would love to see this artist tackle doing these in the more detailed Final Fantasy Tactics style of pixels.






So not only does this douche not have the balls to follow through on his shit, but Reddit is completely okay with it and not calling him out on being retarded and are helping him pick stupid alternatives for to do?

YUP!…I knew Reddit was full fucking retard. Glad I don’t use that site.


little doodle for shadowhatter!


you’re too awesome man thanks a ton this is really badass! <3




Nice to put a face to the name behind all these crazy pixels : Paul Robertson.

Nice artwork!


I can’t wait to see the video game anime girl of the upcoming Gravity Falls episode that he was involve  :P

I’m still not convinced his name is Paul Robertson. It’s a Fight Club reference.

Fight Club: “His name is Robert Paulson”

….yeah…I’m not buying it Ro-I mean PAUL ROBERTSON!



Here it is y’all. The complete roster for the OC fighter collab!!


sirdarkhourglass - Prave xdraws - Rose jockodraws - Boblon

doge-lawyer - Degrados koidrake - Jawlene shenaniganza - Mamba

milo-sempai - Milo smashpersonaart - Abby & Flora

mybloodylove - Torgos neorice - Burk zskyzeartist - Pandore

jiggycomrade - Jiggy monsterforge - Mazer Dogu binaryhavok - Stan

thecrobot - Vos Veshale lemhan - Averna Xo palidoozy-art - Kaledoth

blackhookpixelart - Cudy getdestroyed-staydestroyed - Dover

gastrictank - Lo & Hye Zarre neeneejbs-art-stuff - Anne~Marie

j-don-bonne - Natsu Kigoyami jayechoart - Grae cubesona - Cubesona

oolongearlgrey - Dan bizarrejuju - Jun toamac - Flamer

gamesbynick - Diji widemouthink - Tela FerrousOxide - Marshal Fume

SenatorWong - Spec grogart - Celadore jiebadiah - King Smiley

taiyoooh - Curtana atroxchobatsu - Sarah N. Dippity

enterpraiz - Olivia cruxia - Cruxia seregal - Seregal buraketto - Q

thatdudejoey - Cine xdrpunkx - P-Bot rileyvace - Talon thunder-he4d - Ellie

rickz0r - Inkubus


Ahh look at all these neat folks!

some gangster shit going on here yo!


Oh my goodness 500+ followers. Actually I got 500+ around the time my Super Saiyan Frog got popular but I didn’t have time to hold a raffle, but now I’ve got some free time so LET’S RAFFLE. Rules are the same as last time: Reblog this post to enter (one reblog per person, offer null and void in Albuquerque.) The raffle will end some time after Sunday August 31st 11:59 EST (i.e. once I get on the internet on monday.)

If you reblog, either include a reference for what you want (image,  links) or have some way for me to contact you after the end of the raffle.

Since I skipped the 200-400 milestones, There will be 6 winners, 4 winners picked from the 526 followers (the ones that enter of course) and 2 winners from the reblogs. The prizes this time are:

  • One large size pixel art (roughly 96x96) for a follower winner
  • One medium size pixel art (roughly 64x64) for a follower winner
  • Two small size pixel art (roughly 32x32) for follower winners
  • Two small size pixel art (roughly 32x32) for reblog winners

Note that if you’re a follower and you don’t get the follower prize you are still eligible for the reblog prizes!!!

See the included image for size references.

reblogging and with my reference riiiiiight [HERE]


this is the worst sentence i have ever read

just in case you ever wonder why I never use Reddit, nor take it seriously.
everything summed up in one image, even with gaming &#8220;journalist&#8221; IGNorant included!


this is the worst sentence i have ever read

just in case you ever wonder why I never use Reddit, nor take it seriously.

everything summed up in one image, even with gaming “journalist” IGNorant included!


Sprite commission for ShadowHatter!

Posted one with a color bg too because it makes the lighting stand out a tad nicer.