Timecard this week: Character Group turn around!



Timecard this week: Character Group turn around!



TomodachiQR seems to be too stuffed with submissions to take anymore, so I guess I’ll upload my newly created Miis here until then.


Looks like Mokito is on vacation from Moco Island and came to visit me at Durahm Island! look how many friends he’s made!

Looks like Mokito is on vacation from Moco Island and came to visit me at Durahm Island! look how many friends he’s made!


Even if you have no interest in commissions, please reblog this post in case other people might find it interesting!

reblogging for future reference


Even if you have no interest in commissions, please reblog this post in case other people might find it interesting!

reblogging for future reference


Had a little fun with some older sprites I made. Imitation Neo Geo Pocket Color, imitation Game Boy.

100% view:



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got money? want art? want to lose money but gain good art? COME ON IN!


cave story turns 10 in december


I can’t believe it’s going to be 10 years since I played the BEST indie game of all time. It seems like only yesterday I was in high school with my friends and I found this game out of nowhere and instantly got hooked. So sad Pixel never made any more heavy story games or a sequel/prequel to Cave Story.

Man….those were the days.



a post containing links explaining what went on:

this is for anybody, who was as confused as I was, about the fucking “1hr in the ballpit” jokes that came out of nowhere.

so a quick summary of what I’ve read? it’s exactly what I picture Tumblr to be IRL. holy fuck this is the most sad, pathetic, cringeworthy, and hilarious piece of shit I’ve ever seen in the history of the internet.


Rockman DASH Capcom Official Creation Material Collection Great Adventure Guide

*sniff*…there’s a legend if I ever did see one!


King from Tekken!

another of the many Miis I’ve made and submitted to this wonderful blog. a Tomodachi Life exclusive! King from Tekken!


King from Tekken!

another of the many Miis I’ve made and submitted to this wonderful blog. a Tomodachi Life exclusive! King from Tekken!


well wasn’t aware I’d get notes for my last post so here’s some nice things for you fellas out there liking and sharing my shit.

1. YES, that is the ACTUAL Altimit OS as my desktop.

2. YES, those icons DO rotate and the portal to the right of Altimit DOES move too.

3. YES, you can program each icon to open whatever you want it to open. My example being how “The World” icon opens up Phantasy Star Online 2.

4. YES, Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) is the closest we’ll ever get to a .hack MMO (in terms of gameplay and action combat) especially since the creators of .hack did say the original Phantasy Star Online was one of their inspirations for the game too.

5. .hack is just better than SOA, don’t try to question nor deny this.

PSO2 is currently only in Japan but there are guides to sign up for this F2P MMO and there is an English patch so you can play it in English.

How to Register for Japanese Version (somewhat outdated)

Guides and Additional FAQs

English patch

Story translation patch (Up to date and almost fully translated)

PSO2 Tweaker (Only use it to install story patch updates)

English Wiki

PSO2 Download Link

Character Creator/Benchmark Test

ENG Patch for Benchmark

Altimit OS as your desktop can be achieved by a program called RAINMETER. As for where to obtain the Altimit OS theme, I believe I got it from [HERE] but don’t quote me on that since I don’t remember so use at your own risk.

thank you all for the previous notes and hope you enjoy these little tidbits.

reblogging because I feel like it…also please check out my previous [HELP!] post if you haven’t.






On May 28th, my sister, Edna, turned 31.


Her mental age is about three years old. She loves Winnie the Pooh, Beauty & the Beast, and Sesame Street. Even though the below picture is unconvincing. 


Edna and “Cookie.” I think she was trying to play it cool. 

My name is Jeanie. I’m Edna’s younger sister. I’m also her guardian and caregiver. 


That’s me on the left. (Hey, you never know. After a year of writing a blog about online dating - Jeanie Does the Internet - I’ve come to learn that there are A LOT of fools on the internet.) 


ANYWAY, I’m not “doing the internet” anymore. I’m taking care of Edna full-time, after completing my MFA in Writing for Screen & Television at USC.


May 16, 2014. I wanted a picture. Edna wanted breakfast.

In case you’re wondering where our parents are, they’re dead. Our mom died of breast cancer when she was just 33. 


Us with mom before she died. (Obviously.)

As for our dad, he peaced-out around the time my mom got sick. His loss - we’re awesome. 


Here we are being awesome at the beach. Pushing a wheelchair in the sand? Not so awesome. 

In case you’re wondering “What’s wrong?” with my sister - as a stranger once asked me on the street  -  NOTHING. Yes, Edna has a rare form of epilepsy - Lennox-Gastaut syndrome - but I don’t know if that’s anymore “wrong” than people who don’t have manners. 

Basically, Edna was born “normal,” and started having seizures as a baby. They eventually got so bad that they cut off the oxygen to her brain, causing her to be mentally disabled. Or impaired. Or intellectually disabled. Or whatever you want to call it - except “retarded,” because in 2010, President Obama signed Rosa’s Law into effect, replacing that word with “intellectually impaired.” 

Which is cool and all, but services for the disabled and the people who care for them are SEVERELY LACKING. Also, there’s a bunch of people working in taxpayer-funded positions who are supposed to help families like us, but don’t. (Big surprise, I know.) They just fill out paperwork (whenever they feel like it) with asinine statements like this: 


YUP. I transport my sister down the stairs in her wheelchair, because that is not only safe, but TOTALLY PRACTICAL. Why doesn’t everyone in a wheelchair just take the stairs, for God’s sake? Stop being so lazy, PEOPLE WITHOUT WORKING LEGS! 

But, as it says above, Edna’s legs do work. Whether or not she wants them to, is another story. 


Edna refusing to go inside. 

These are the stairs that I have to carry her up - by myself - on a daily basis. That is, until one of my legs break and both of us are just sitting at the bottom of the stairs, helpless. 


For six months, I have begged - BEGGED - the State of California to help my sister, which they are required by law - The Lanterman Act specifically - to do so. But they’ve told me “these things take time” and that I “need to amend my expectations.” (That was said to me when I refused to place Edna at AN ALL-MALE CARE FACILITY. Because yes, that was an “option” that was offered to me.) 

Prior to Edna moving in with me in my one-bedroom apartment, she was living with her amazing caregiver, Gaby, back in Tucson, where we went to high school and I did my undergrad. Edna’s reppin’ the Wildcats below. 


But back in November, Gaby also died from breast cancer. (FUCK YOU, BREAST CANCER!) This picture was taken a month before she died. She never even told me she was sick because she didn’t want me to worry. 

By the way, we were raised by our grandma. Edna and her were very close.


She’s dead, too. Surprise.

She died when I was 20 and Edna was 21. That’s when I became Edna’s legal guardian and Gaby stepped into the picture to help me out with Edna. 

So, six months ago, after Gaby died, I moved Edna to California, where I tried to get the folks over at The Frank D. Lanterman Regional Center to help me. I’ve told them I’m worried about our safety - that one of us could get hurt on the stairs -  I’ve told them I can’t afford to pay the private babysitters $15/hour because the ones social services sent me who make $9/hour were unreliable (they didn’t show up on time or at all so I could get to school and work), untrustworthy (one of them let Edna go to the bathroom in the kitchen and then took her into the bathroom because “that what I thought I was supposed to do.”) 

But the people over at the FLRC don’t return my calls, they don’t file the paperwork on time - and the first caseworker that was assigned to us actually LAUGHED AT my sister when he came to our home to evaluate her. When I reported him to his supervisor, she told me, “That’s just [insert name of said jackass].” 

He was one of the two caseworkers that contributed to the report I mentioned above, which also included this: 


So let me get this straight - I have to feed, bathe, dress and help Edna in the bathroom and you can’t deduce whether or not she is able to vote? What in the fuck?!

Now I realize I seem angry. And you can bet your balls I am. I’m also sad. Sad for those who don’t have family to stick up from them and who waste away God knows where, monitored by no one. Or monitored by people who physically and sexually assault them

I’m also sad for the caregivers who are SO EXHAUSTED - trying to take care of their loved ones - while also trying to take care of themselves and battling a system that is supposed to help, but does nothing of the sort. And I know a lot of people give up. They let their dreams, their marriages, their friendships slide. All while trying not to resent the very person you’re doing it all for.


Edna wanted to sit next to me the other day while I was writing. Clearly, she’s not impressed. 

Here’s the thing: I REFUSE TO GIVE UP. I’M NOT GIVING UP ON HER OR MYSELF. I’m going to pursue my dreams while taking care of her, AND while ensuring that the people paid to do their jobs ACTUALLY do them.

That’s where you come in. I need you to help me get my story out there. Because I know I’m not alone in this. I want to connect with families who are in similar situations and also show people who have no idea what it’s like to care for someone with a disability (or even a loved one who is sick) that it can be rewarding. Super fucking hard. Exhausting. Painful. Isolating. But, rewarding. 

I’m going to get help for my sister - and others. My hope is that by sharing our story, I can bring awareness to the lack of services and help for the disabled. 

Thank you, 



Twitter: @EisforEdna 

This made me cry



This is a really uplifting and inspirational story of a family sticking by each other and making things work despite a whole lot of shit

They just want to find other people in the same position they are, for a sense of community and to feel like they aren’t alone.

I know out of all of you, some of you have followers who are living with and taking care of intellectually or emotionally disabled family members, and this lovely and unbreakable pair of sisters need to find them.


I’ve got 24hrs in a day to bullshit and play video games and make stupid fart jokes, so I figured I’d take a few minutes out of my day to help someone who deserves some help. Hope this contributes to something greater in the future. I’d love to see a positive update to this in the future.

Nice people deserve nice feelings, so I’m aiming for some happiness to happen here.

As you can see by the image above, my show “UnderRadar” is starting to pick up a bit of progress and I am becoming more and more confident in it and how great it’s going to be when it comes out.

I’d like to use this opportunity to give a big shout out to our very own Pam (a.k.a - TheVioletFox) for my series’ logo/symbol. Go check out her Tumblr and maybe throw some monies her way to see some pretty beautiful works like these.

With that covered, I still need your help guys. I really don’t want to have to figure this out for myself, so I’m willing to keep holding the first episode back until I get enough information I need to complete it.



[HERE IS THE PROTOTYPE (pilot?) EPISODE OF UnderRadar] WITH music included.

all I ask is that you guys give these videos a watch, and provide me with some feedback in either my askbox, my inbox (if you have access to “fanmail”), or even that nice speech bubble some posts have. I want this first episode of UnderRadar to be as perfect as it can be before I start to go recording other episodes and continuing my series.

with all that said, I’d like you to keep in mind a few things if you watch these videos and want to give me feedback:

1. no intro/outro yet because I’m still deciding on what the intro should be (was thinking of having it animated but idk) and the outro will be done whenever as well, but I at least wanted the MEAT of the episode uploaded so people can see if there’s anything that needs improving.

2. my voice seems to sound monotone even when I try to express myself. I apologize in advance and will try to add some more excitement in future videos (maybe invest in a better mic?)

3. the background is a placeholder and I’m still debating whether or not to have one special background for ALL episodes, or maybe switch them up based on the game I cover. maybe you guys can suggest a background that I can use if you want me to have one for ALL episodes, or maybe an idea of a background that I can commission to be done.

4. Domenica (the host) has repeated poses and actions in this episode. is that okay? is it not? if not what are other expressions that he should have to give him more life? please let me know so I can commission more expressions to be made.

I think I’ve said all I can say. I truly hope there’s at least a FEW of you out there who follow me because they like what I do, and for those that do, I truly hope that you’re willing to take a few minutes out of your day to help me out so I can progress and maybe even be a YouTube content creator you’ll love and enjoy.

so…is there anything I can do to improve?


thats deadass something a boss will do to YOU



thats deadass something a boss will do to YOU